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3 Modules 18 Lessons Intermediate

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Module 1: Nutrition & Fuel for Productivity

The realm of productivity can be altered by your nutritional choices. The rise and fall of blood sugar levels throughout a given day may lead to your typical 2pm crash and may result in a lack of focus, clarity and performance. The type of person who survives the day on coffee is really missing out on the enormous energy productivity and high performance that nutrition has to offer. 


It is said that the gut is the second brain and with this in mind it is essential that we fuel ourselves with nutrition that will allow us to maintain stable energy levels throughout our day, week, month and year. Not only is nutrition responsible for 80% of our serotonin production (Our happiness hormone) but it can also be a key player in the production of testosterone production (Directly linked with fat burning, muscle building and confidence). 

In this workshop we will be covering the key concepts of nutrition that will increase your efficiency, productivity and performance both in work and at home.


In this series session you will discover:


  • How to know how nutrition can improve your mental focus, stress and productivity
  • Exactly how to prevent brain fog and sugar spikes to increase your flow and production
  • The 4 sources of energy which doesn’t require food that you can tap into on demand
  • How to 2X your productivity through nutrition, smart strategies with immediate results.
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6 Lessons

Module 2: Strategic Energy for Productivity

Ever have that feeling of not having enough hours in the day to complete tasks? Or that feeling of burnout with that never ending list to complete? Ever have that feeling of being on top of your game, crushing meetings and being “on the ball”. Both of these feelings come down to energy management. What strategies do you have in place to manage your energy?


There is a major crossover between energy, time and efficiency. How you use your time can influence your ability to produce energy, clarity and performance. What we are looking to do in this workshop is to go through the key strategies that you need to focus on that will allow you to strategically manage your time. These come in the form of skills. What skills do we need to manage energy and time?


These skills include;


  • Prioritisation
  • Organization
  • Time diligence
  • Reflective practise


In this Session you will Discover:

  • The Secret energy system to release dopamine and mental energy in 10 seconds
  • The Bookend strategy to wake up fresh, energized and ready to rock your day
  • Our 3 top time and energy management tools
  • The Flow Method which enables you to eliminate brain fog and increase productivity.
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Lesson 1: Movement for Productivity

  • Which exercises are ideal for increasing productivity without equipment

Lesson 2: 3 Types Of Training you Must Include

  • The 3 types of training you MUST include in your plan every week

Lesson 3: Power Morning Exercise in Just 2 Minutes

  • The power morning exercise that takes just 2 minutes to do.

Lesson 4: Our Signature Principle: Minimum Effective Dose (MED)

  • The Minimum Effective Dose Method to achieve more in less time