How mastering your hunger levels can impact every aspect of your life?

How mastering your hunger levels can impact every aspect of your life?

If you haven’t mastered your hunger and satiation levels yet then you are probably feeling like you are just topping up on food to keep you going throughout the day or you are in a constant state of being peckish and snacking regularly.

You see when we are hungry our body produces a hormone called ghrelin which is the indicator to hunger.

The problem lies in our ability to actually read this signal and our ability to understand whether we are actually hungry or not.

Our hunger is often mistaken by stress, habitual eating, procrastination and boredom and often if you take a second to stop and ask yourself ‘why am I actually eating this piece of food” the answer may actually be “I have no idea”.

You see the snacking industry wants you to be eating regularly because it wants to make money but snacking is the same as going to the gas station and topping up by 5 dollars gas. The outcome? You go back to the gas station and top up again and again to give you fuel.

This results in people constantly feeling peckish, feeling like they need a top up and essentially being a slave to their kitchen or their fridge. They are low on energy and associate food with the “pick me up”.


This results in a roller coaster of energy where you are going up and down in energy throughout the day and you are in a constant state of hunger even though you are not really hungry, lol

So what is the solution?

The solution you need is to master your hunger. You need to understand what your body signals are saying and this comes in the form of awareness and questioning.

Step 1: Before you put anything into your mouth ask yourself the following question am I actually hungry or is it something else? If the answer is not a 7 out of 10 hunger then try going for a walk, having a glass of water or a cup of coffee. When the answer becomes a 7 out of 10 then of course, go and eat.

Step 2: Eat meals over snacks. Of course you are never really going to feel full or hungry if you are just picking at things all day long. What you need to do is focus on eating meals so that you do feel satiated, full and satisfied. The question is though, what is a meal? A meal is served at the table, on a plate or a bowl and usually takes 10 minutes or more. A meal is not something you have on the go; in your car or on the way to work.

Once you master these areas of eating then you will not only start to see results with your health and fitness but you will be able to see results with your focus, energy, clarity and performance.

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Dan Remon - Performance Coach

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