How mastering your hunger levels can impact every aspect of your life?

If you haven’t mastered your hunger and satiation levels yet then you are probably feeling like you are just topping up on food to keep you going throughout the day or you are in a constant state of being peckish and snacking regularly. You see when we are hungry our body produces a hormone called […]

If you want to lose weight, why don’t you just eat when you are hungry?

      Sometimes we like to make things complicated to make ourselves sound smart or show that our way of doing things is far better than anyone else’s. It seems like the whole health industry is trying to make things complicated; asking you to eat an exact figure of calories per day to lose […]

How I Built A Life Outside Of Alcohol

For many people out there, alcohol has become part of their personality and for me, for many years, the same was true. Every event I went to, every night out, every holiday I went on, every special occasion and most weekends were based around alcohol. I didn’t actually realize how much of a role alcohol […]

Calories and Results

Do you need to count calories to get results with your health and fitness? The answer to that question really depends on what your goal is in relation to your health and fitness. Firstly, I think that calorie counting has a place in the world of nutrition; it is a very effective way for bodybuilders […]